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In stories, the hero can't die until the story is over. If the PROTAGONIST realized this, in any capacity, what would they do? 

Catalog the journey of PROTAGONIST over a *32-episode mecha anime season as they fight through the world of your creation in the cockpit of their ARMOR. As you skip through episodes, it's your duty to be the voice of PROTAGONIST. Journal about what's been happening to you, what's been happening to your ARMOR, and about this unbelievable life of impossibilities. 

Live until you die.

Layout: Dee Pennyway
Art: Mikey Zee

*Dev Note: Optimal play is a 24 episode season rather than 32.


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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This game looks cool from what I've seen but I cannot justify spending $7 for two pages.

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Well really its just one page since one of those is the cover. At first I was outraged but the prompts are fairly good, but for the price it should have a lot more content. I'd also say its more of a creative writing prompt excerise than an rp. Its not bad but it does feel over priced


I think i am missing something, cuz the pdf is only a page long and has no actual rules within?


Loved this game. It opened up my mind to a lot of possibilities in ways to approach roleplaying.


Love it. Might actually try out a journal game because of this.


It’s good. I solid recommend. 


Great game. Loved the concept. Highly recommended.

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Hey I’m joining can I be admin

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Join the Party just ran it on their feed!


Nice! Great style, thanks for recommending this podcast. It's basically a guy doing live improv during one of the breaks from their regular rpg campaign, while someone off-mic offers feedback and a listening ear.


Just for fun, here's my #SHOCtober actual play of plot Armor.  Of course, I took a few liberties with the rules such as time and scale, but I'm happy with the results.
The Flesh Within

My DA gallery of other other solo play stuff

Has anyone posted an actual play of this game?

Probably not considering it would just be them quietly writing what happens each episode.  It's singleplayer.

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As a member of the Lonewolf solo RPG group on MeWe and r/Solo_Roleplaying on Reddit, sharing a solo play-thru happens more than you think.  Gotta love technology.  :-)


Haha, my bad! I assumed you didn't realize it was singleplayer. That's pretty cool, I never would've thought that was an active community. I'll have to check some of your stuff out.


I have: https://solorpgvoyages.wordpress.com/2019/05/01/a-long-war-lets-try-out-plot-arm...

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Wow, how did I miss that?  Thanks for posting. Working on my own play-thru for Shocktober.  :-)